A learning world, a connection of minds.

Canopyworld, provides to your child(4-17) access to the best of teachers, classes and educational content for them learn something new!

Canopyworld is the digital world for students of the age 4 to 17 and teachers to Join, Create, Teach, Earn & Learn something new. Canopyworld provides to students the out of school learning experience they never had right from the comfort of their homes. Our focus is on education through a connection of minds & access to educational content. Given a connection of minds, gives multiplex returns on things you get to learn, and educational content give you what you need to know/can learn for your foundational knowledge. We are constantly iterating on what it means to get the best returns on investments in your educational journey and promise to give you the best as it comes. Join a class, meet a tutor, learn something new today! πŸŽ‰

It’s education right in your hands

CanopyLearn is designed to be your simple operating system to achieve your education goals. One click join your way into a class, or auto find what to learn next. CanopyLearn does it all for you!

Join, find, learn something new!