Create, Teach, Earn, Invest!

CanopyTeach, provides to teachers a platform for them to manage everything from classes, video and chat rooms, payouts, instant chat messaging with soo much more to come.

Teachers for all subjects are welcome to create classes for the vastness of canopyworld.

Arts 🎨 Coding & Tech πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» English πŸ“ Health & Wellness πŸ’ͺ Life Skills 🌱 Math πŸ“ Music 🎡 Science & Nature πŸ”¬ Social Studies πŸ‘ͺ World Languages 🌎

All your digital needs taken care of. Setup instant payout, communicate easily with students all from your Teach portal.

It’s education right in your hands

CanopyLearn is designed to be your simple operating system to achieve your education goals. One click join your way into a class, or auto find what to learn next. CanopyLearn does it all for you!

Join, find, learn something new!