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Teach on Canopyschool and earn what you want per time taught

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All classes take place online, creating your class allows you to put structure to your teaching for students to be able to make an informed descision


Set your schedule, get notified days and minutes before a class starts. Simply click Join Meeting to join as a teacher in your zoom meeting


Complete a class schedule block, your earnings will be made available to you, allowing you to process it into your payout method

Whats your interest?

Arts 🎨

Coding & Tech 👨‍💻

English 📝

Health & Wellness 💪

Life Skills 🌱

Math 📐

Music 🎵

Science & Nature 🔬

Social Studies 👪

World Languages 🌎

+ Your own subject?

What do you need to know?

What are the requirements?

You need a laptop/computer, stable internet connection with your teaching environment quite and a class to teach focused on 3 to 18 year olds

How much can I earn?

You set your class price and only get charged $30 if you earn a total above $200 for a complete month. All your payment is processed to your payout method at your request

How long to get teaching?

You can start today, We only disqualify you based on what you put out to the public/make public from our platform, this includes profile, class contents etc. This is automaitcally detected and you will face the consquences of it

What are the benefits of teaching on Canopyschool?

Your published class will be marketed through many channels, made accessible to large visits by students with all class success elements abstracted(communication/messaging, event notifications, & easy payouts), so all you focus on is doing your best teaching.

I have more questions

All information on earnings, schedules etc can be found via our dedicated informational support channel here or send us an email at support@canopyschool.org

Interested in teaching?

On Canopyschool, all you need to do is to create your classes, set your own schedule, teach & start earning from sharing your knowledge.